Statement by House Democratic Leader Darren Jackson 

April 27, 2017

HB 13 is a temporary reprieve from a no win situation. Without HB 13, our schools and kids will suffer. It would lead to firing arts, music, and other specialist teachers in exchange for hiring more early grade teachers. No one wants that andit is good that HB 13 will become law.

Yet House Democrats believe we do not need to choose between the kindergarten teacher and the art teacher – we need both.

Year after year of tax cuts focused on the most wealthy have left us with only bad choices. Incredibly, the Republicans are pushing another $1 billion in tax cuts to make the bad options even worse.

We need to follow Governor Cooper’s proposed budget. No more tax cuts for the wealthy or tax increases on working families. Increase teacher pay by 5% this year and next. Fully fund lower class sizes and the specialist teachers down the hall. Start making North Carolina a leader in public education again.

House Democratic Leader Darren Jackson
(919) 733-5974 (office)