"Darren Jackson is a dynamic leader with the right priorities. A forward-thinking legislature is crucial to achieving our goals and I'm excited to work with Leader Jackson and the House Democratic Caucus to create good new jobs, improve our public schools, and provide a powerful voice for middle class families."

Governor Roy Cooper


The NC House has 120 seats. 

After November 2018, Democrats now hold 55 seats in the NC House  - that means Republicans no longer have a super-majority and will not be able to override vetoes issued by Governor Roy Cooper.

House Democrats need to pick up 6 seats to win back the majority in 2020.

How do we get there?

  • We need a message that resonates with urban and rural North Carolina.

  • We need local candidates who can carry that message to their communities.

  • We need the resources for our candidates to get their message out to voters.

The Message

Here are four simple, but powerful, ways we can create jobs across North Carolina and invest in public education.

  1. Enact a plan to raise teacher pay to the national average.  Governor Cooper's plan calls for a 5% increase this year AND next year.

  2. Expand Medicaid to provide health care access to those without and to create jobs with many rural areas’ main employer – the local hospital.

  3. Oppose more billionaire and millionaire tax cuts and instead invest in pre-K initiatives that gives our kids the right start and NC GROW scholarships that gives recent high school graduates the opportunity attend NC community colleges at no cost.

  4. Restore the Earned Income Tax Credit to reward work and provide tax relief to those who now bear the double burden of higher sales taxes and lower taxes for the wealthiest corporations and individuals.




The Candidates

Candidate recruitment is already underway and candidate filing is in December 2019.  Last election we recruited candidates in all 120 seats and 17 of our new candidates won!


We need to do it again!  Candidates who know their local areas and can recruit volunteers and raise money are the key to taking back the House.

The Resources

My job is to raise money to help elect like-minded candidates across the state.  Whatever money we raise is targeted to the candidates who are running strong campaigns and who can win.

Why 2020 is a Great Opportunity

Governor Roy Cooper is popular and will lead the Democratic ticket here in North Carolina.  Turnout will be high and our voters will be motivated to vote President Trump out of office.

House Republicans will not be easy to beat.  They have favorable redistricting maps and the advantages of incumbency.  Yet this was true in 2018 when we picked up 10 seats.  In 2020, we need only 6 to regain the majority.

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